Cinematic Wedding Storytelling

Life’s greatest moments are best remembered through the art of storytelling and the story of your special day should be told in a manner that is no short of spectacular.

Hi, my name is Pedja and I would love to tell your story!

One of my greatest passions is capturing heartfelt, authentic and genuine moments and crafting them into a meaningful cinematic video that will make you smile and relive the emotions of the most monumental day of your life.

Please take a look at some of our favourite stories:


Jessica & Jeremie’s wedding was heartfelt, elegant and truly magical. As a couple they compliment and balance each other in many ways. Their story was beautifully narrated by their letters to each other, heartwarming vows, speeches and poetry. It was a pleasure and an honour being asked to tell their story.


Charlotte & Julien are an incredibly genuine couple and truly a perfect match for each other. Their story captures their love for one another while highlighting their playfulness by incorporating a trampoline acrobatics show in the heart of their wedding day! It was an absolute pleasure working with them.


Melissa & Chris share a deep connection that is very clear in their wedding film. Their story is told in a heartwarming and elegant way while retaining very important parts of their personality, such as lightheartedness and humour. I was truly flattered to have had the opportunity to capture their special day.


Linda & Kirk are a couple that undoubtedly embodies true and genuine love. From Kirk’s heartfelt speech, to Linda’s impeccable attention to detail when planning this wedding make this story truly special. Their family played a big part in crafting this story and sharing their special wishes for the couple. I very much enjoyed putting their video together at every stage of the process.


What are people saying?

Jessica and Jeremie sent me this video testimonial just moments after watching their wedding film for the first time. I could not have asked for a better and more rewarding reaction. I love these guys 🙂

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