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Is it pronounced Bal-Kanada or Balka-nada?

We’ll leave it up to you, as one of them can sound awfully close to a Canadian phone provider company 😉

We are doing a traditional 3 day wedding. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely. Once you pick from one of our existing packages, we will tailor it to your specific needs. (Extra costs will apply.)

Can we have our favourite song in our wedding video or choose from top 40?

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to say yes, the answer is no. Seeing how we are selling you a service and a product, legally we are not permitted to sell you something we don’t own or have rights to – i.e. copyrighted music. Luckily we work with huge libraries of incredible and diverse licensed music that you are welcome to browse as well. Generally we do recommend leaving the music selection to us, as we have your wedding footage in front of us and are able to choose the best fitting soundtrack to your film.

But my cousin got her favourite song in her wedding video from “Insert Name Here” wedding videography company. How can they do it?

Some companies are ultimately unaware or make a choice to run the risk of facing a lawsuit from record labels. We on the other hand choose to go the safer, legal route.

Can we have our video in 2 weeks instead of 8?

The editing process of wedding films does not take 8 weeks. The 8 week delivery estimate is solely based on our average number of weddings per season and working on each project chronologically to make it fair to all of our couples. If it’s possible for us to be ultra productive and get your wedding package ready sooner, we will do our best, however, we always prioritize quality over speed.

Can we have a drone at our wedding?!

We take any opportunity to fly our drones and because of how much we love it, we don’t charge any additional fees for aerial videography! Of course, this is all location permitting as Canadian drone laws can be strict.

Can we have all of the raw footage from the day?

We honestly don’t think you would want that. Due to the nature of films we produce, we don’t film very many long sequences of footage, as an average edited shot can be 2-5 seconds in length. It’s not very fun to watch… trust us. Of course this is not the case when it comes to the ceremony, dances, speeches or wedding party entrance. We can provide raw footage of those specific parts of the day. Let us know what you would like ahead of time and we will make sure to keep the cameras rolling! (Additional fees may apply.)

How do payments work?

Usually we ask for 50% upon signing the client agreement and the remaining 50% one week prior to the wedding day (or first day of celebrations in case of multiple day weddings). You will receive an invoice and payment receipts for both instalments. We also prefer e-transfers.

Do we have to feed you?

Yes please. That would be very kind of you. As most of us are vegan, we do opt for the plant based option without any meat, dairy, eggs or animal byproducts, however, if that’s simply unavailable, let us know and we will provide our own fuel for the day. Some of our shooters are omnivorous, so we will make sure to let you know who’s coming.

How can we share our wedding film with our grandparents abroad?

The beauty of digital file delivery and a vimeo hosted link to your wedding film, makes it incredibly easy for you to share it globally with family and friends by a simple swoosh of an email.

Why is the question I had not in the F.A.Q. section?

It could be because we haven’t been asked that before or maybe we haven’t been asked that enough times to include it in the “frequently asked questions” section. Rest assured – our lines of communication are always open so please don’t be shy and email us here. We look forward to hearing from you!